Friday, June 18, 2010


Would-a, could-a, and if, are ignorant thought in a historical sense. History is what it was and viewing it as wrongful or rightful in the present cannot change the present it is what it is and cannot be reversed, and will serve no human being in the present to dwell on them or fix blame on the present for the events of the past unless we desire to repeat them. Every new life is a new beginning starting now not the day before.
   If each new generation used the knowledge of history to move man forward as apposed to trying to undo history all men would benefit, I know of no instance in history when human conflict was present that either side of it had clean hands in retrospect. Example: History portrays Hitler as the bad guy, which he most certainly was, but Neville Chamberlain the so called good guy and others like him bear as much responsibility for the onslaught of WWII as Hitler.
   The American Indian and the slaves of early America or any other are not free of equal responsibility for the events of the past just because they were on the losing side. They were victims in history by their own hands as much as the victors in conquest. Both sides of all contests between mankind contain antidotal innocent victims and it is not a question of what was fair or unfair in the conflicts between them. (Collateral damage) All is fair in love and war so the saying goes and to the victor goes the spoils. Hind sight is not 20/20 unless all is considered and human emotions should not ever be, in the historical mix.
   A just to survive attitude never is justification unless there is a strategy behind it, given no strategy one must fight to the death or live with the consequences. If one chooses to live with the consequences that makes them complicit in their own condition. That is the unwritten law of human nature. A human life lived in fear is no life at all.  
   Mankind overall is still in its historically adolescent stage and full maturity is not even in sight. In today’s world of man no one can justify slavery, yet all over the world it goes on behind the scene, and much of it is carried out by governments and justified by collective theory. (Which is slavery!)
   At the present time America is in the process of returning to slavery as the basis of our culture. The only difference is it is a collective style slavery which includes all but the elite’s of society. (Our Masters) The liberal and progressive thinking people of America are the Neville Chamberlain’s of our time. Fear is already their master.

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  1. I have become disillusioned with the US government. I believe the US government has lost touch with the people of this nation. I would like to learn more about the effort to return control of the government to the people. I am not a nut or a plant. I am willing to give information about myself to show I am trust worthy.
    Porter Galante